payWork Life Balance

Let’s be honest even if you have the best job in the world you still need balance just equals a burnt out person who in the long run with start to resent their job...we are aware of the importance of this and offer generous holiday and pay in order to do the fun things in life.


We all have commitments outside of work hence why it is good to know that you are trusted in your work place and have the resources available to work from home if necessary


We have loads of fun outside of work and are always planning the next event!

We also have an annual work BBQ and yearly trip abroad...

We also offer a number of quarterly incentives for you to work towards...


Red offers a generous salary and excellent bonus structure. A junior consultant can start on £19,000-£21,000 per annum.

With additional monthly/quarterly/annually bonuses,

payThe office itself

The office is located on the Masterlord Office Village, conveniently located near to Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and other shops near by.

It is centrally placed making it easy for all the get too whether that it is by foot, public transport, bike or car.

In the office we have a staff room upstairs where you’ll find the boys playing the x box on a daily basis.

Red is the upcoming business in Suffolk and aims to expand...

Why not work for Red? Good pay, too many incentives too name, a lively friendly office and the ability to strive in an office that genuinely cares about their staff and sees them as part of the family.

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